Monday, March 24, 2008


We started off Easter morning heading over to my Dad and Annette's house. We met my brother there too. Quinn had fun playing with the dogs and getting a marshmellow treat from her Grandma!

Then we headed over to my Grandma and Grandpa T's house. We weren't there for too long but Quinn and I had fun. We weren't there for more than 5 minutes and Dan ate 4 pretzels with buckwheat in them. He is VERY allergic to them so Grandpa had to take him to the office and give him some shots. We left after about an hour.

My poor husband had a rough day, thank you Grandpa for taking care of him.Quinn searched for Easter Eggs and played with them for a while. She was not too fond of the grass on her legs though. See how she is lifting them up? Adorable.

Quinn HATED being in this chair but I couldn't resist. Ugh, so stinking cute.

It was a long weekend. It was great to be around almost everyone that we love. Dan is feeling much better now and thanks to Grandpa, we didn't have to go to the hospital. We were just happy to get home and relax.


emlizalmo said...

Oh Michele...I am so sorry to hear about Dan's mess. I'm glad he's feeling better though. Quinn is hilarious in that Emily at the beach when she was that age. LOVE the pictures of Sally...thanks for putting them on here. I'm so grateful that you guys are family.

emlizalmo said...
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laurag said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Dan, what a relief though that dad is and allergist, huh. I' m glad you were able to see so many of your family but I know how it can get to go to a bunch of places, it can get exhausting. Love the pictures. And hey, can you blame Quinn for not wanting t otouch the grass, it looks like straw!!

Brielle said...

That stinks about Dan. What a bummer good thing your grandpa is a doctor and can help the guy out. I love the picture of Quinn in the grass too. I remember one of my girls did that same thing with grass. You guys had one busy Easter weekend. Busy is good when you are with the people you love.

Brielle said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know about eating at your grandma Temples. I remember once long ago she made a bunch of little girls sick at a birthday party she had for one of her girls by making koolaid in a silver pitcher. For real. Ask her about it. It may be why your Grandpa Temple is an allergist, so he can save people. (:
Glad Grandpa Temple was there to help Dan. It's not funny, but the things that happen when your Grandma Tmple is involved well I guess after the fact are funny! I love that woman. Love, A. Reenie