Monday, March 24, 2008

Ondra Easter

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with Dan's side of the family. We all had so much fun. We went over to Stephanie's house for dinner and Quinn got to play with our cousins' children.
Quinn and Julie!

Quinn and Violet

Doesn't Quinn's face look like she is saying, "Look what I have!!!"

Aden, Quinn And Violet

Aden and Quinn played SO WELL together. He is adorable

Then we went back to Quinn's MomMom and PopPop's house to spend the NIGHT along with three of her cousins. It was a packed house and we had a great time!

Isn't Zoey stinking Adorable?!?!?! She kept on saying, "I'm not Quinny, I'm Zoey!"

Breanna and Me

She was so great with Quinn. Let me tell you, Quinn had the time of her life with these kids!

Dan, Jordan and PopPop!


emlizalmo said...

FUN! Dan's family looks so great!

laurag said...

how fun. It's so great you have swo much family/friends around.

Brielle said...

You guys are pretty lucky to be able to see both sides of the family on holidays like this. Dan does seem like he has a wonderful family and it looks like Quinn definitely agrees.