Monday, March 30, 2009

Love of the Park

Man, I love this little girl. She is probably the happiest person I know. She makes me reevaluate everything in life. Because of Quinn, I am a better person. I know that it sounds strange, but it is true. She makes me smile... a lot


Anonymous said...

Quinn really is one of the most amazing little girls I've ever known. She has been through sooo much, yet always seems to smile. I love to watch her,listen to her, and to hear about what she's been up to. I love her. Aunt Lisa

mj said...

What a sweet,happy little girl !!! Isn't it wonderful that these babies/children can teach us so much about what is important in life?

emlizalmo said...

I think it is wonderful that we can learn from our kids. Quinn has been through a lot in her little life, and her happiness and joy are contagious. It makes me so happy to see how happy she makes YOU. <3 And by the way...Cecilia, which is playing right now on your blog, makes me REALLY happy!

Jim and Reenie said...

Children truly do make us better people.We try harder,are kinder and they have the ability to teach us so much. She is a darling little teacher and I have never seen you happier since the gift of your and Dan's little sweetheart.
Love, A. Reenie
I miss you all!!!