Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun with Family

Last Saturday Dan had to work. I had dinner all planned when he came home and said those magic words- How about Cracker Barrel?- Duh! So we drove to the nearest Cracker Barrel, which is almost an hour away. I just love driving and it sort of felt like an adventure. Well, it just so happens that this glorious place happens to be near my In laws house AND that Quinn's cousins were there! Quinn was as happy as a lark. Fun time had by all. Great food, great family.


laurag said...

How fun! There's almost nothing better than good company and good food. p.s. Quinn looks so darn cute in a hat!!

mj said...

I'll bet Quinn didn't like cracker barrel as much as the chinese place. Isn't eating out the best ???

Lady said...

We love Cracker Barrel too! All American!!