Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa!

The other weekend Quinn spent the night at her Grandma and Grandpa VS's house (Dad and Annette). She had such a great time. I hear that there was sidewalk chalk, coloring, playing with the dogs and more. She came back to our house with a new shirt and pair of shorts too! Quinn picked the shirt out all by herself.
(on a side note: she does that a lot. She is VERY into fashion. She actually will throw mini tiffs. if she doesn't get to wear exactly what she wants OR if I wear something that she doesn't like. and she is only 2!!! Her current favorite shirt is one from Elsie and it is too big for her but she will wake up every morning asking for her "flaw-wer shirt"
Thanks for the wonderful memory making for Quinn!


laurag said...

That is hilarious!! She's a fashionista in the making. Can't wait to see our girls 15 years from now. I'm glad she had such at great time at her grandpa/mas. I always love it whenever either of my girls has a great/almost drama free experience with family/friends. I feel like they are then seeing the 'true'. kind and loving child of mine...know what I mean? Did you and Dan go do anything fun?

Rich and Annette said...

Michele, Thanks for posting this cute photo..I love them all of course...this one with the deaf dal and Quinn being mom to her is the best. Note the new shoes also!
Michele - Back to you as well..You are a SUPER Mom and we are very proud that you can be a stay at home Mom with Q and YOU do an outstanding job!
Love to all of you, Dad & Annette

Jim and Reenie said...

Grandmas and Grandpas are the best!! How cute she is and I know Grandpa & Grandma had as much fun with Quinn as she did with them. Wish I could give her a hug. What a little doll. Miss you little shelly belly. Love, A. Reenie