Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yesterday was a wonderful day in the Ondra household. Quinn was assessed for exiting her speech program. Yes, you guessed it... she is brilliant! Quinn scored in the 96th percentile. Her receptive language score was 118 and her expressive language score was 126. The average for a 29 month old is 85 for both! Receptively her age equivalence is 2 yrs and 11 months. Expressively her age equivalence is 3 yrs and 3 months! Go Quinny go!

Also, yesterday Dan received an award at his work. He was "Employee of the Month". He got a small certificate, check AND, what I find most important, appreciation and recognition. Dan works SO hard and I love that others acknowledge it too.


laurag said...

YIPEE!!!! A HUGE congrats to the both of them. For Quinn, that's HUGE!! Who would have ever thought she not only 'catch up' but surpass others in her own age group with being a premie?? Holy cow that's exciting! And for Dan, I only wish our husbands who work their tales off would get a little more recognition. Kudos to him for being recognized for his hard work and incredible work ethic. Love you guys!

Rich and Annette said...


YEAH for Dan! I agree with you in that I am so glad others recognize his LONG hours and hard work! Go Dan - we are all so proud of you. You are a SUPER supporter! We love you all!
Dad & Annette

Lady said...

Of course Quinn is brilliant - Look at her mother! She has a mother who puts her first and supports and teaches and loves her, not to mention he mother is a brain herself! I'm so happy that Quinn has moved to the head of the class and you no longer have to worry about her.

Way to Go Dan! I'm glad that your work singled you out and let everyone know that you are appreciated.

Lisa said...

It is great to be recognized for hard work. Congrats to Dan!!

emlizalmo said...

Happy, happy day at the Ondra house! :) Definitely worthy of a tea party!