Monday, March 23, 2009


Quinn still watches Frosty the Snowman almost everyday. She loves it. (and Santa and Rudolf too). She will make up songs daily. I LOVE her songs so much.
She will ask for me to take her temperature and tell me to put it in her "armpip". adorable

She asks for a special type of "shampoot" and Daddy soap on her tummy during every bath.

Quinn is becoming SO opinionated. Seriously, I am in for some trouble when she is a teen. She pretty much wears 4 shirts right now. One from Laura and Elsie, one striped sweater, the blue one in the pictures and one tee with stars. That is it besides her jammies which she has to pick out also. It is exhausting because I have to keep these favorites clean always.
In her prayer last night, she thanked God for Zana (Dad and Annette's deaf dog) and Uncle Richie... in that order HA!

Every night when I put Quinn down to sleep, I have to tell her the itinerary for the next day. She asks questions about it and then repeats the schedule to herself as she falls asleep. hmmm, she might be a little too much like me :)

Also, she loves wearing my lip gloss. She asks for it all of the time. She even rubs her lips together just like me! Oh and notice how we both have white necklaces on?? yes, she planned that!


Lisa said...

I love to read your posts about that sweet girl of yours. She is a doll and yes, you will have your work cut out for you, but you and Dan are such great parents, you'll make out fine.

Lady said...

I love hearing all about Quinn's personality. I'm glad she knows how to wear lip gloss. Just wait til you see the picture I took today of Piper. While I was on the phone she grabbed my make up bag and totally painted her face.

Christy said...

I love the toddler age when they start to want to choose everything by themselves. She's so cute! I better get to see you guys when I come home next!

emlizalmo said...

Oh Michele, she is the sweetest. What a cute, cute big girl. I love that you post all these quirks of hers...they'll be different in a few weeks, and then you forget. I need to do the same thing for my kids. :)

laurag said...

Quinn ROCKS!! Every time I read something new about her I fall in love with her even more - didn't think that was even possible. I love you all so much.

mj said...

At least the cloths she likes are cute. Love the lip rub....just like Mommy.