Monday, July 14, 2008

My Diva

Quinn got this new outfit from her G&G VS. They came up and visited with us this weekend. We went to Ellicott City and had a great lunch and then went window shopping a little bit! We had lots of fun and THANK YOU DAD AND ANNETTE for her cute clothes!

This Sunday, the weather was perfect. There was a nice breeze and hardly any humidity. We enjoyed many hours outside in the pool, sprinkler and had a water fight!

One day last week when it was raining, Quinn and I went to a little mall play area. They had this Bob the Builder ride and Quinn was so jealous of the other kids that got to ride it. So I decided to let her have a turn once the other family was done. She was not too sure of it. I think it looked like more fun than it was. She got too scared to stay on. We did stay there and watch other kids for quite a while though. She is so sweet and fun.


laurag said...

These are grea Michele, look how nervous Quinn looks.. HA. I also love her in her bathing suits. She looks so adorable in each and every one. She's just getting ready for the beach!! Side note - are you bringing a pack and play and/or stroller for quinn? Her new outfit from gma and pa is so cute. Glad you all had such a fun last couple weeks.

O family said...

Laura- I am going to bring Quinn's stroller, pack-n-play, two baby gates, and her pool. I am so excited!

emlizalmo said...

Great practice for the boardwalk, right? :) Glad you got to visit with Rich and

Anonymous said...

That baby girl is such a poser!! (:
As well as beautiful. I just want to squeeze her. The outfit from Grandma/Grandpa Vs is darling. I bet Annette had fun buying it. (:
Love, A. Reenie