Saturday, July 19, 2008

Clarkland Farm

Today we went to a petting farm and had SO MUCH fun. I think that this is where we are going to have Quinn's 2nd birthday party! I have a billion adorable pictures... so bare with me!

Here Quinn is feeding some GOATS! Boy, she LOVED LOVED LOVED them!

Then we went and saw some pigs, an emu, a pony and a donkey.

Then Quinn and Daddy fed a few sheep! The first picture is her trying to sneak a peak around the corner at the sheep. HOW CUTE?!?!?

Then Mommy and Quinn went and visited "Mother Goose" and the "3 Bears' Cottage"

Daddy and Quinn hung out with "Humpty Dumpty" and "The Little Tugboat"

We ended things off visiting "Willie the Whale" and "The Ugly Duckling"

We seriously had a blast and we didn't even do a pony ride or a hay ride. It was a little hot and we were all melting. Next time we go we will though! In the fall they have pumpkin picking! Can't wait!!!


Mom V said...

These are GREAT! I am so glad she love animals. What a cutie peeking around the corner to see the little one. Was she scared to feed any of the animals? What did she think of the Emu? They scare me. Can't wait till she visits here and gets to see the minis! Less than a week until we see each other!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite picture is Quinn peeking around the corner. I think you should blow it up - it's too cute. And I love her matching orange hair thingys. She was really decked. Miss you guys,
Love, A. Reenie

emlizalmo said...

Her poor cheeks are so red! I hate the heat. I sure do love that peeking picture though. It looks like she had a great time!!! Worth a little sweat, I guess. :)

mj said...

I LOVE these. She looks so happy.The one of her checking out the goats is to die for. See you SOON !!!!!

Brielle said...

I have to agree with everyone else, I love the peeking around the corner picture. That did look like such a fun place for kids. You look really good in the pictures too Michele.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone, that photo of quinn peaking around the corner is soooo dang cute!!! It captures her little personality perfect. What a cute petting zoo. I took Emma to one, but it wasn't as cute as yours and I don't think she could see the animals very well.

Crete said...

You write very well.