Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weekend with JORDAN!!!

After the wedding, we decided to take Jordan (our nephew) to our house for the weekend. Boy oh Boy did we have fun! We watched movies, did yard work, went to the zoo, played with the scooter and more. I tell you, that cute little boy has more energy than I thought! We ended up staying busy and we even tired him out.

Notice how Uncle Dan even tried out the scooter! hehe


Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys a had great time! I love the photos, I am sure Jordan had fun with you guys, especially Quinn. I love Quinn, she's so adorable... Michele, I can't believe how sweet she is...
miss you and want to see you this winter when I come home for a visit.

Lady said...

You guys seem busy every weekend. I'm glad you had fun with your Nephew, he's really cute. I can't wait to see you and Quinny on the 25th!!