Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kidney Party

Our friend Anna is donating her kidney to her stepfather and her surgery is this Monday. We decided to have a "So Long Kidney" party. Oh boy, I have got to say, it was my first time at one of these parties. We made a cake for her.
Notice the before has two kidneys and after the knife only one.
I did have a lot of fun making the cake.
(even if the knife looks like a pink christmas tree)

The girls just LOOOOOVE Anna

Good Luck Anna!


Lady said...

I think your cake is VERY cute! I hope both your friend and her father recover well and quickly.

Mom V said...

Shel - How is Anna doing? Did her father's body accept her kidney? Is she still in the hospital? Please let me know.

The cake reminds me of my attempts to illustrate when I was the primary choirester.

Lovve ya!

O family said...

Anna's stepdad is doing really well. The operation was up here at Hopkins and all seems to going well for him. Anna on the other hand is not doing the best. The pain meds that they gave her the first night didn't seem to do anything. She was in a lot of pain. We are hoping to get to visit her tonight. that is if she wants us to.