Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Barkers!

Our sister got married this weekend. Meet the "Barkers"!!!!!! It was a lovely small wedding outside. Our nieces and nephew had a lot of fun being in the wedding. (especially little Zoey, notice how she stood right next to her parents: oops!) Our Dad preformed the service. He did a great job. The wedding was at a state park and was on this overlook of some river.
It was extremely pretty.
The reception was held outside at their house. They live in Drumore, PA and it is SO lovely. Their neighbors are Amish and there were cows and horses all around. We had a lot of fun.


Lady said...

What a beautiful place for a wedding. It looks like it was a really special day.

Mom V said...

It looks like a gorgeous place. My favorite picture is the last one that looks like sepia. I need an Ondra family photo where everyone is looking the same direction!

Anonymous said...

what a pretty wedding. Michele , you look beautiful. I enjoy weddings, I think that its always nice for family to get together for such a nice celebration.