Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So in our backyard we have a huge apple tree. When we bought the house we were informed by our inspector that it had termite damage but that it had previously been treated and they were going to treat it again to be safe. This apple tree brought all sorts of animals into our yard. We had groundhogs, deer, raccoons, foxes, birds and even a turtle. I will post pictures of all of the animals later. Anyway, in the middle of the day I had to run some errands so Quinny and I left. When I came back, this is what I found.

After work, our friend Mike came over to help Dan move the huge part of the tree. I think they had a little too much fun! hehe Anyway, now we have to remove the rest of the tree. I personally am afraid of it just tipping over at any moment. Although I will miss all of the wildlife that the apple tree brought. I will NOT miss cleaning up all of their half eaten apples from the yard :)

Tree Warriors!

Now, we have apple debris all over our yard. fun fun We are so lucky that the only damage that occurred was to our gutter.


Anonymous said...

wow that would have been scary if you were home and heard the bang. I am so glad that the tree didn't do more damage than that to your home. Have fun picking up the apples. I wish Kamden were there to help you, she loves picking up those apples. Every where we go and she sees them that is what she does. Brielle

Lady said...

Great photos of the Warriors! They did look like they had Too much fun. The neighbors better watch out, they may find their trees down. Haha. I hope your wildlife friends still hang out though.