Friday, August 24, 2007

I can feed myself!!!!

Yes, my little girl has decided to take matters into her own hands, literally. She was having so much fun and even looked a little mischievous. Love that girl!


Anonymous said...

i'm lovin that sloppy face!! is she enjoying food? what does she like to eat? does she still let you feed her?

Lady said...

That is VERY advanced! Does she really get food in? I love the food on the face look. My 8 year old still hasn't outgrown that look.

O family said...

She does get some food in. Most of the time it is "around" her mouth. She still lets me feed her some but she likes to try and do it herself.

Anonymous said...

That's just Wrong!!!! Yes, it's cute her messy face and her feeding herself - but please what is it? PEA? Yuck! I mean for beginning feeding is should be apple dumplings or some such thing.
(only kidding - she has to learn to eat the right things)
Love, A. Reenie