Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the wings

The other day we went for a walk. I let Quinn take her wings. I just didn't care enough to make her sad by telling her that she had to leave them in the car. I am so glad that I let her take them. Not only did it make her SO happy, I also got some darling pictures.

Check out her crazy feet in this picture! She was a dancing queen!

notice the baby bunny by the tall grass (top right)

She is such a little sweetheart!

I love my girl.

Quinn sure loves time with her Daddy (click images to enlarge)

I just couldn't help getting a billion pictures on this walk. She looked so cute and the weather was so nice. (no sweating!)


Valerie Robbins said...

Ok, she looks soooo freakin cute in those things! I LOVE the pictures!

Anonymous said...

The wings are adorable on quinn! Emmas got pink ones. Great photos

mj said...

This set of photos are adorable !!!!Quinn is such a darling ham,and the wings are wonderful....I'm so glad you let her wear them on the walk.