Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So guess what??

I graduated!

Dad, Annette, Rich, Dan and Quinn all came to support me.
Dad looks a little bit stressed out in the above picture, what do you think?
He was not feeling too well.

Quinn thought that it was party time!

There we go- this is a good one!

Check out my new tag holder thing! Dan put it on for me right before graduation. He actually got it for me at Christmas and it hung on our wall with the word "motivation" inside of it for five months. (sort of like when I hung the package of big girl undies that Quinn picked out on our wall for motivation for her)



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mj said...

We are so, so proud of you. You are truely amazing !!! A wonderful Mother and wife, and now a college graduate. WOW...I don't know how you stayed so focused and motivated. The fact that sweet little Quinn had so many issues at first makes what you did even more special. You are "the bomb"