Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cousin Visits!

Last week Valerie, Christy, and Gavin came to visit us. We pretty much just sat around and talked. It was a little too hot to go to the park.

I am actually glad that we just chatted away our visit.

It gave me time to get to know this adorable little man a bit more :)

Oh yeah, and it was Val's birthday the day before so Quinn and I got her this:


Mom V said...

Glad you all had fun. Val's treat looks like a poopie with writing on it! Can't wait to see everyone!

Valerie Robbins said...

Don't hate on the treat! ;) I'm glad we finally made the trip! Your house is super cute & it was great to sit and talk. Sitting is one of my favorite things to do (of course, it is somewhere beneath sleeping) :) Love ya & can't wait to chit chat at the beach! It was great to see Dan...he is so sweet with Quinn!

mj said...

I'm so glad you could get together and chat. How did Quinn and Gavin get along ?