Thursday, October 29, 2009

Temple Family Visit- Mom was in Town!!

We had a family get together with the Temples!
Mom was up visiting for Quinn's birthday.
Amy was in from Utah to take pictures of Val's son Gavin.
I loved seeing Sally and it not being a holiday.
Quinn just had a blast. She finally loves Grandpa Temple.
She adores Annie (and is still talking about her!)

Don't you love the tutu from Aunt Amy??
And what about these yummy babies? Man, oh man. They are both so cute.


emlizalmo said...

That day was just a dream for me. Perfect. It was so great of you guys to drive all that way for a visit. I was so happy. These pictures are making me happy all over again. :)

mj said...

Love this set of pictures. We had such a good time and feel so blessed to be part of our won derful family. So glad your Momcould be there too.