Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Gilbert

This is Gilbert. He is 8 weeks old and a complete delight. Honestly, the first night we got him home he was a little wild. Quinn was scared of him (ok, a lot) and Dan and I were nervous. But after only a few days, Gilbert has assimilated into the family perfectly. The other night Quinn was playing "Hide and Hug" with him. She pretty much ran around chasing him and trying to give him big hugs. He likes to play like all little kitties do. He also LOVES to cuddle.


mj said...

We loved being with you yesterday. Thanks sooo much for being there !! Dan you really are the man.

emlizalmo said...

Thanks so much for driving all the way to Lisa's. It made me so happy to see you and your sweet family. LOVE that Quinny. :)

Valerie Robbins said...

Love that you've got a kitty! Love you & it was so great to see you the other day. Love ya!