Monday, October 5, 2009


Quinn loves the park and I love taking pictures of her.
Here she with her "umbrella".
.double click to see large image.

For the life of me she would not smile at the camera this day.

Then, here is her favorite- the Horsey Tree

and who doesn't love the slides


Mom V said...

Shel - we all love the swings, but there are no swings in these pictures. We also all love the slide - perhaps this is what you meant. heehee..............

O family said...

changed! haha thanks

emlizalmo said...

I love that very last slide picture of her! I can't wait to see you guys. Do you think she'll mind if I just bring her 3 year old gift when I come? :)

mj said...

Almost three...what a complete joy she is.We feel so very lucky to have her as our first g.g.