Thursday, October 29, 2009

Football and Family

Rich came to our house to visit with us, give Quinn her birthday presents and WATCH RAVEN FOOTBALL! Ok, well he was stuck watching the Ravens. hehe

Quinn wanted to show Uncle Rich what her Halloween costume was.
She is a nice mean witch. We had to search a lot to find such a witch costume.

Notice the Steeler's hat?? Yeah, it is Rich's and Dan was having a hizzy fit but I thought it was cute on her.
This is her present from Rich. You guessed it. A video game for kids aged 3 - 5.
They have to run and jump and move the "bopper" joystick. She loves it even though she doesn't quite get fully. The bopper is a little tricky right now. It is so funny to watch her play and get all excited. She has a game with Mickey Mouse Club House, Little Einsteins, Tiger and Pooh, and Handy Manny. Then she also has a Disney Princess game. Uncle Rich Rocks! She calls it her "exercisin". hah.


emlizalmo said...

Wow! Uncle Rich really DOES rock! I wold love to see her playing that game. Hey...a video clip! :) I love the nice mean witch in her steelers hat. :) She is delish.

Mom V said...

Hey Belle - Is Quinn using the CD/DVD player by her self? I love looking at these pictures with her using her Wii.

Need new Gilbert pics.

mj said...

Uncle Rich sure knows the right gifts to give. Quinn looks adorable as the nice witch. Where will you trick or treat ? You could come up here (altho I know it is really far) It sure would bring back memories of past fun Halloweens.