Monday, June 8, 2009

To Delaware

A few weeks ago, we went to Delaware. Quinn and I visited with Grandma and Grandpa T, as well as my beautiful and pregnant cousin Val. We played at the park and fed ducks.
At the park there were a million Amish people. Ok, well maybe not a million, but enough for fill at least 4 buggies full. It was so neat to see so many of them all at one public place.

Grandpa T. took these last two pictures of Quinn.
I love these pictures SO much!


Mom V said...

I agree with you about the last 2 photos. I love them.Does Quinn take after me with her love of jewelry? What a great love to have! She is a girlie girl.

Love you all!

emlizalmo said...

How fun that you guys got together. Wish I had been there. :( The last picture just melts me. I love it so much. Way to go Dad!