Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little bit of sunshine

Quinn just loves anything outside... well, ok - that isn't entirely true. Let me rephrase that. Quinn absolutely loves anything outdoors that doesn't require her getting messy, dirty, sweaty, or makes her walk in the grass. For a while she was past her loathing of the grass, however now it is back. Here are a couple pictures from the last two days. We have been trying to soak in some sun while playing in her pool. She loves it and that makes me a happy Mommy.


emlizalmo said...

I love these happy pool pictures!:) Can you even believe how much you love her?

laurag said...

Oh man Michele, these are so incredibly cute of her. I love her and all of her little quirks and I love too how much you love being a mother, and you're a very good one at that.