Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I was washing some grapes for a snack for Quinn.
I asked her what shape they were.

She replied:
"They are round... Like your face."


Lisa said...

Your face is definately not round. Cute that Quinn knows some shapes though.

Mom V said...

Your face is oval not round? Has Quinn learned oval yet? Bet not!

Quinn really thinks she is funny! What a character!

O family said...

yes, she does know oval- she says "Opal"
I was laughing so much when she said this. man, she is funny.

mj said...

So funny especially because your face is definately not round. I love the pictures and comments that you put on here. Thanks !!

emlizalmo said...


emlizalmo said...

Just wait until she starts telling you how big your bum is and that you can NOT fit in her chair. :(