Monday, June 1, 2009

Mommy and Quinny Craft Time!

Since I am off this summer semester and I am not watching my friend's kids (like last summer), Quinn and I have been doing so much! We try and go to a park every day if the weather is nice. We also try to do some sort of craft everyday. Currently we are making lots of painted gifts (from Quinn!!!) and an alphabet coloring book. It has been so much fun. In the picture above, Quinn and I were both making pretty picture frames!


laurag said...

that's so great that you're driven to do so many fun/crafty, etc. things all the time with Quinn. What an ideal childhood for her. Glad you are having a low key summer, you deserve it.

Lisa said...

Michele, you are such a great mom. Really, you are. You spend such quality time with your girl and she is lucky to have you.