Sunday, November 30, 2008

Val's Wedding

Man, where to start. My beautiful.awesome.funny.super.fabulous little cousin got married. She was stunning. She church was perfect, small and intimate. The reception hall was adorable and the food was yummy. The groom was handsome and so proud to be marrying his love. It was the perfect day. I was just so happy to be able to be there and watch them together. Val and Arty are in LOVE. Simple, sweet, happy. It makes me happy to see her that way. I just love her. The proud parents. Christy and Tony. Can you say HAPPY!!
Rachel, Tracy and Rich
Quinn loves ANNIE!! (she calls her "mickey" for some reason though)
Me and Rich (A self-portrait by Rich!!!)
The crazy cousin club! (Bennett, Adam and Joel)

Me and Dan
Cutting the lovely (and super yummy!!) cake!


emlizalmo said...

Oh man...happy, happy, happy. I wish I had been there!

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this. It really was just perfect, wasn't it? We were so grateful to all of you who came and celebrated with us. Nothing makes you happier than to see your kids happy.