Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just love this Sprite commercial. My Mom sent it to me and said that she could see it happening to Dan. Me too, completely. I just love my husband. He is such a great Dad.



Mom V said...

I love the commercial and Dan as well. He would certainly do those things for his Princess, Quinn! Thanks for the pictures. I look each day for anything new!

mj said...

That commercial is soooo funny !! It made me laugh out loud...all by myself. The pictures of Dan and Quinn sre wonderful !! He is such a great Dad and husband. I'm so glad that you found each other. Two of my favorite people...well,actually 3 of my favorites. PS the girl in the add looks like Elsie.

The Gang said...

Awe- what adorable pictures. It was great seeing you guys too :)
I cant believe how big she is getting and how beautiful she is :)
You have a gorgeous family!!

laurag said...

I've never seen that one, it's hilarious. And I too could see Dan doing something's kinda the true test of a father. Love it!

Brinn said...

Quinn is getting so cute! I love her in her Halloween costume. I'm so happy to hear that your blood tests are good and that you are feeling better on your new meds. I am also happy to hear that Quinn is almost done her speech therapy.