Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The "See you later-" Party

I refuse to actually say "goodbye" to my Aunt Reenie and Uncle Jim. They are leaving for two years to go on a mission to Africa. I just love them so much. My Aunt Reenie is one of those people that you just love; adore to death. She is so funny and kind and just simply wonderful. Even though I don't get to see her that frequently, the fact that I won't be able to for TWO WHOLE YEARS is horribly sad to me. I have cried... a lot when trying to tell them how much I love them and how proud of them I am. I think that it is incredible that they are going on a mission.

Anyway, my Grandparents had a "so long" party for them this last weekend. We all gathered, ate wonderful Thanksgiving themed food, talked, laughed and just enjoyed each others' company. Quinn had an especially great time palling around with Piper. They were so cute together while holding hands. Wouldn't you know that I couldn't get a cute picture of it?!?!

The room was lovely. Grandma decorated the tables. She made the centerpieces herself! I got to take one home:) There were also safari stuffed animals on each table. Quinn was completely occupied the entire time.
After dinner, Grandpa gave a speech. He tried to "lighten up the mood" with the glasses! Boy, I love that man and his humor!Then Uncle Jim had a little speech. It was very moving. He told us about how thankful he was to be so blessed. He then went on to say how he wanted to help other people. I think that what they are doing is so noble and exciting!Little Miss Piper- looking adorable!
Quinn and her Grandma VSThen we tried to get a group shot of the 3 little girls.
(not that easy and we even had Uncle Jim trying to hold them in place!)
After dinner, we all went back up to Grandma and Grandpa's place. The kids all got to watch a movie and play with their new stuffed animals! The grown ups got to talk and chase the kids around:) I think that Quinn did really well except when she kept on standing in front of the tv so none of the other kids could see. hehe. She also got to hang out with her Mommy's cousin Brian and his family.
I tried again to get a picture of these two cuties-Here is a shot of two of my favorite guys: (don't they both look handsome??)Play Time!!By the end of the day Quinn was completely tuckered out!


Lady said...

Michele - you were so quick to get your post up. I think it still may be awhile before my gets up - I still haven't posted Halloween. I think your pictures are better than what I got but I'll post a few anyway. Sure was fun. Glad Grandma has these get togethers - the planning is the hardest part. Once it's on the calendar - everybody comes and has a great time. So good to see you and Quinny and Dan.

Jim and Reenie said...

Thank you for the great compliments, you are too sweet and one wonderful neice. I am going to miss you too!!! The little girls did have such a fun time and were so cute to watch. Grandma out did herself but I say that after every event. She is the master of get togethers and always makes things so special and beautiful.
I love you, A. Reenie

laurag said...

These tell such a great story Michele, I agree with you in that I think what your aunt and uncle are doing is very noble. I think they are two of the neatest people in the world and think they'll be such an inspiration to the people in Africa. I'm so glad you were able to spend such quality time with them before they left. I don't know what I'd do if my parents went on one...hopefully they've 'aged' out..hehe

mj said...

This entry is wonderful ! It was so nice for Mrs. VonStetten to do. The pictures almost make me think I was there.I will miss Reenie too. Altho we don't see each other often I still think of her as one of my very best friends.She is all the things you said and more. I think I have laughed more with her than anyone else I know.I absolutely LOVE your blog !! I can visualize everything, and that makes me happy.

mj said...

PS... I love your new background.It sort of makes everything stand out.

emlizalmo said...

I love that VonStetten clan! I have SO many fond memories of Jim and Reenie. Love, love, love them. And I also love that picture of Dan and Rich. Seriously so handsome. :) I still can't get enough of Quinn's hair...just so you know!

Brielle said...

Okay you got me! I am crying with a huge lump in my throat. Man I wish I could of been there. It sounded wonderful. I could of then cried with you while talking to my parents. It will be hard to have them away for so long but technology will make it a lot less hard. It is such an awesome thing they are getting to go and do. They will touch and help so many people in Africa and that is what they are meant to do at this time in their life. Thanks for the wonderful post. I love you lots and so glad we are family. Just wish we could be closer.

Lisa said...

Jim and Renee have touched a lot of people. They are wonderful. The family get together looked great. I loved the safari animals for the little kids. thanks for posting so many pictures. BTW,that picture of Dan and Rich is very good. Love you and see you in 2 DAYS!!

Mom V said...

I have to agree with all of the comments thus far. Jim and Reenie are wonderful humans and it is humbling to think of them going to serve others for 2 whole years. What an experience they will have. There is no greater joy than that of serving others. Michele, you actually have to thank J&R for life, because if not for them and the 'blind date' neither you or Richie would even be.
For both of you and that part of my life, I will always be grateful.