Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have recently had so many tests in my life. Quinn has been re-evaluated for physical therapy and speech. She is done with physical therapy and speech should be only a few more months!

I have had billions of tests with my classes. I am doing pretty well so far. Just a little burned out at the moment.

The one test that I was most worried about however, was my blood test. I have high blood pressure. It makes me really nervous to know that my heart could be suffering some. I want to live a long and happy life and not have a heart attack or stroke.
My new doctor was hoping to find something in my bloodwork that my old doctor missed. They were looking for a thyroid problem, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even a type of cancer in the kidneys. The last time everything was completely normal. No highs, no lows. (note: this was before my crazy organic and mostly vegan dieting with additional days of exercise)

Guess what?!?! I passed. The doctor couldn't find anything. (again) I am in the normal range for everything that I was tested for. The only thing that wasn't normal was my HDL cholesterol (the good kind!!) I was so super stoked. I had 77 mg/dL and the normal limits are between 40 and 59 mg/dL! My paperwork even had a side note that said " HDL cholesterol values >59 mg/dL are associated with reduced cardiac risk. Yippy!! My doctor said that my healthy eating habits and my exercise program have positively affected my health.

I know that everyone always tells you to eat your fruits and veggies and to exercise... but here is proof that how you treat your body will directly affect your health.

I am now on a new medicine and I feel so much better: more energy and less depressed. (my last med. was not so great)


Christy said...

I'm SO glad you're healthy!! What a relief! You have put a lot of effort into your health, and it definitely shows. Way to go!

laurag said...

Congrats on taking such good care of yourself Michele. You are a good example to us. Gunnar may even have to give you a call to get some good tips, he was just told he also has high blood pressure...what's the deal?? I'm glad Quinn's growing out of therapy, what a huge success in and of itself. I hope the rest of your tests go well.

mj said...

So proud of you !! You will have to give your G-ma some pointers.Thrilled about Quinn and your school.Go Ondras !!!!

emlizalmo said...

Good for you Michele! I can still remember your breakfasts at the beachhouse...fresh fruit, while the rest of us scarffed pop-tarts and the like. Dave has been able to significantly lower his cholesterol through diet too. Very proud of you both!

Brielle said...

Yeah Michele! That is awesome. It is so true how much eating well and exercising can make such a huge difference. Congrats to Quinn too.

Mom V said...

Glad that things are going well in the Ondra family. I know that you work hard to have a healthy lifestyle.

I am proud of you all!

Lady said...

Here's to straight As!!! What a great report card Michele. I'm glad all your hard work as paid off.

amandajonalissa said...

Congrats on the great stats! That's awesome!
I've been loving all the pictures of Quinn...and her new haircut is the cutest! She also looked ADORABLE on Halloween. Unfortunately Alissa goes to bed at 6:30...so we spent the holiday handing out candy and just checking other kids in their cute costumes.