Thursday, April 24, 2008

more cute ones

Ok, so you are all probably tired of the pictures of Quinn outside, but I can't help it. She is just so fun right now and is LOVING the nice weather. We seriously spend most of her waking time out there, walking up and down the driveway, rolling her ball, sitting on a blanket and watching birds. oh, and EVERY animal that she sees is a "doh" (dog). It doesn't matter if it is a bird, deer or cat... it is a doh. The first picture is of how she kisses us. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth.. EWWW! but it seriously is so stinking cute. I love her little personality. She is completely interested in everything. Pointing is HUGE right now, she will point to anything and just talk about it in her own little language.


Brielle said...

I always loved the open mouth kisses too. I don't blame you for keep taking pictures of Quinn outside. That is my favorite thing to do with my girls too.

Brinn said...

I don't think you coauld ever take too many photos of that beautiful girl!!! I can't enough ! You guys really are blessed.... what a perfect family! Does life get any better than just spending a day with baby and hubby??

Lady said...

Love her chubby cheeks and sweet smile!!