Monday, April 7, 2008

Justin Timberlake!

My daughter has her first crush. She is IN LOVE with Justin Timberlake, seriously. Whenever a song of his comes on the radio, she screams. This is what happened when his song came on the tv. I was in the other room doing homework and this is what I heard. I KNOW the clip is horribly dark, I just didn't want to distract her by turning on more lights. I wish that she would get this excited over KID'S SONGS!!!

It isn't really this dark in my house. I don't make Quinn sit in the DARK! :) The lighting on the camera is just really dark.


emlizalmo said...

Sing it girl! He is definitely crush material...even ELLEN has a crush on him! I love you Quinn!

Brielle said...

Can I just say I Love your daughter. She just continues to make me laugh. I have to say the boy has some moves. There could definitely be worse people she could have crushes on. Quinn was getting into it, so cute.

mj said...

Tis is sooo cute.She was really excited,wasn't she? She is absolutely darling !tsyejc