Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family Visit I

This friday, Dan, Quinn and I went to my Grandma T's in Dover for the day. My Aunt Laura and her family were visiting from Washington state. I got to meet my newest cousin, Charlotte (4 months old). She is completely perfect. This was the first time that Quinn has met any of them and let me tell you, she LOVED Elsie!
here Quinn is wiping bubbles off of Charlotte
Quinn is so sweet, look at her gentle one fingered touch!

Boy Quinn loves her Great Grandma!

This picture is of Elsie and Quinn "taking a nap". Elsie told me that "little Quinn told her that she wanted to nap with her". How cute is that??
They played the piano together!

Quinn, Laura and Elsie
me and elsie
Look at that FACE!!!
me and the most perfect baby ever (besides Quinn) :)
...i love her...


Brielle said...

How fun! Lauras girls are so cute. Quinn was very gentle with the one finger touch. That was cool that it worked out that you could go and see them while she was in town.

Lady said...

everyone looked like they had a great time. It's fun to get together with other family playmates. Laura's girls are so cute - Elsie's eyes are so dark, thought I might get one like that but alas my genes are brutes and drove away any chance at dark eyes!! Charlotte is a true "baby doll".

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't love that great-grandma. I do too! Laura looks great and how cute her little ones are. What a fun visit and memory making time. Quinn is really sweet with the baby. That is how Kamden is with baby Emma. Love you guys!!
A. Reenie

Mom V said...

Elsie and Quinn are so cute together. Quinn is now a toddler and not a baby any longer. Charlotte has the perfect head and perfect little look. How wonderful babyhood is.

Can't wait to see everyone!

Love Mom V

emlizalmo said...

FUUUNNNN! I am so jealous. Michele, I just love you for always making the effort for family. Wanna drive to Utah?

O family said...

I just asked Dan and he said, could we?? I think next winter Dan, Quinn and I should come out and visit you guys. Dan could go snowboarding and I could visit with you!!!

Anonymous said...

what a fun trip, lots of cute cousins. The baby is sooo gorgeous!! I am happy to hear Quinn is soft with babies. She is a doll and I love seeing her playing with her cousins.. too cute

laurag said...

Michele these are wonderful! It meant the absolute world to me that you Dan and Quinn came to visit us. I have been looking forward to meeting that little girl of yours for a long time now and like I told you, I honestly felt like I already knew her. SWHe is one of the sweetest cutest little girls I've ever seen. She was sooo cute with Elsie and look how much she loved Charlotte...she was so gentle. You and Dan are amazing parents Michele. I love and admire your little family very much. I can't wait until this summer when we can actually visit for a LONG time. We love you guys so much. p.s. I'm still thinking about that brownie we got at moms...BAD, BAD!