Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family Visit II

Friday night and Saturday, we spent with Dan's family. His Aunt and Uncle came up from Texas. We had a cookout on Friday and then went to the DC zoo on Saturday.
Quinn loved playing with all of the great toys at her Aunt Rachel's house in PA.
like this house

and baby stroller

and kitchen

me and my little buddy Jordan

My niece Michaela, looking like a model!Quinn at the zoo, just chillin!
and her crazy, tired parents!

Quinn was so cute sharing her food with Zoey!

We saw lots of cool animals too. Unfortunately, it was SO HOT and HUMID . We did cut the trip a little shorter than I would have wanted but Quinn was just getting miserable!


Brielle said...

You guys sure do pack your weekends. It always seems that you get to see both families in the same weekend which is fun but also exhausting I am sure. The zoo looked fun but the humidity and a tired child didn't sound too exciting. I have been there.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love the zoo. Quinn is getting so big. She looks so cute in her skirt and little sandals. I miss you guys. Love, A. Reenie

Mom V said...

Look like Quinn would enjoy some toys to play with as she stands. Perhaps some push toys. I'll see what I can do.

She is so cut and looks like a little person at the kitchen.

Love Mom V

emlizalmo said...

You guys do so much! You are creating so many memories for that cute girl of yours! Is that Rachel and Annie's house?

Anonymous said...

sounds so fun! I am impressed with how much you do. I bet Quinny just loved the zoo, I can't wait to take Emma to one. I think she looks so cute playing in the doll house and at the play kitchen. She is really growing up!!

laurag said...

You guys do get to do a lot which is incredible. I'm glad everything worked out for your visit with Dan's family. Looks like everyone had a ball!!