Monday, November 5, 2007


This weekend we decided to go and visit Quinn's Grandparents and cousins. Quinn rode her first Merry-go-Round. (It is indoor.)

When we got back, she was all tuckered out!

Quinn is also getting over a small ear infection from early last week. Here is a picture of her crying one morning after she woke up. I think she is just adorable with her crazy bedhead and that face!

This was from the night before that. I thought it was cute. She always makes these strange faces when she gets really excited! hah!


Anonymous said...

I love the little sprout of hair sticking up on the top of her head! Quinny is so cute, even when she isn't feeling well. I'm glad that she's feeling better but that must have been miserable for mommy and baby.

Brielle said...

I like the hair too. What a cutie. It probably doesn't seem right that we take pictures of them when they are crying because they need us but I am the same way I have a few of Aspen crying pretty hard. I am glad Quinn is feeling better.

A. Reenie said...

On the merry-go-round Quinn acts like "no big deal". Like she has been doing this all her life. Her little ponytail atop of her head is darling. I'm sorry Michele I know you think she doesn't look like you did - but she does!!!!! You were so cute too! The asleep picture is so sweet. They are so perfect when they're asleep. (:
I want to hug her!!!!Love,

Lady said...

Did she like the merry-go-round? She doesn't look nervous. I think her crazy bedhead is cute too. So sorry she was sick!