Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Yoga

So Quinn was accepted into the physical therapy program. We will have the physical therapist come out to our house and work with Quinn. (and with me too). We are also going to a baby yoga class that our physical therapist teaches. It is once a week. The idea of baby yoga is just so cute to me. This week was Quinn's first time at Yoga class. It didn't go so well. She cried for a large part of the hour long class. When she wasn't crying she was clapping. It was so funny. The class is supposed to be calm and relaxing for the kids. It is all songs and stretching. Well, newbie Quinn was so disruptive. (See at home, after every song that I sing to her.. or well actually after everything she does, we praise her and say "yay Quinn" and clap... she normally just screams a little and claps) So this class was supposed to be relaxing and all of the other kids, that have been going for months, were singing along and doing all of the motions. Quinn would cry during the songs/stretches and then clap and yell at the end. All of the other kids then would clap and yell. Great fun. All of the parents were just laughing. The teachers kept on trying to clam down the kids and they even turned off the lights and had us sing softly to our kids. everything got quiet, even Quinn. Then as soon as the song was over, you guessed it, she clapped and screamed again. HA


Mom V said...

Boy is Quinn just like her Mommy - marches to the beat of her very own special drummer. She will not be a follower in her life, she will be unique. I think that is a wonderful trait for folks to learn. I am so proud of you and Dan and the exceptional job you have done with our little Quinn. She has made so much progress during her first year of life. God certainly knew that you and Dan could handle this special gift when he sent Quinn to you two. I love you three very much!

Mom V

Brielle said...

That is fun that you guys have started baby yoga. I have a lot of friends who do that with their babies. Maybe she is just like me, I can never get into the yoga mood. I had to stop going in college because I was too disruptive. I would laugh and totally take away from their focus. :) Hope it all works out with the physical therapist coming. Let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

what a funny baby! She is so cute, I wish I could watch her do her yoga stretches and then clap and yell at the end... aww. I can just see her doing it. I wish I could give her a big hug, she's just so sweet.

A. Reenie said...

Man I would have loved to have seen her in that class. Its a good thing I wasn't there - there would have been a lot more clapping and yelling with and for her. Love that little darlin.

Amanda said...

I was totally crackin up reading this entry. Quinn is awesome. Yoga is too serious anyway!

I took yoga 2 years ago and it was pretty dull until a guy passed gas really loud in a class...and then it really livened up from there!

Hoping physical therapy goes really well!!!