Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Time!

Quinn was a monkey this year for Halloween. We picked a monkey because she LOVES bananas!! Also, she uses her feet to pick up all sorts of objects. whether it is her juice, a toy or a blanket, her feet are always picking up and moving things around. We also picked this outfit because it had an adorable TAIL!

This was a very special Halloween for Quinn. It was her first Halloween being home. As some of you may remember, last Halloween Quinn was still in the NICU at GBMC (best hospital EVER). Quinn had some wonderful nurses and one even dressed her up for Halloween in the NICU. Last year, Quinn was a fairy. The outfit was a build-a-bear outfit since at the time, Quinn only weighed a little over 4lbs. Here are some pictures of LAST HALLOWEEN if some of you didn't get to see:

She wasn't too sure about this Halloween jazz.

(her face is all red from the tape for her feeding tube)


Brielle said...

so cute michele. She does make a very cute monkey. I love the infant pictures so cute. So tiny, isn't it crazy to look at pictures of her then and now. What a difference.

Anonymous said...

what an adorable monkey! Your right, the tail is so cute. I can't look at pictures of Quinn when she was so tiny, I get all worked up. I am so happy to see her so big and healthy.. what a blessing.

mom v said...

I am sure that Quinn is the cutest monkey ever! It was a very insightful costume indeed. I have witnessed Quinn's magnificant use of her feet as otherw sould use their hands.

Quinn is the girl with many unique talents!

Love Quinn bunches (no pun intended)

A. Reenie said...

There never has been a cuter fairy ever ever ever!!! And look at that fuzzy hair. She could have used that for her monkey costume.(: How priceless she is. Love,

Lady said...

I love the monkey!! And I love how far she has come in a year! What a blessing. Were her bananas her favorite halloween treat?