Monday, May 7, 2007


This weekend Dan's Aunt and Uncle from Texas came up and visited. We had a blast. This was also the first time that Quinn has been out and about and was able to visit with her cousins. They were all over her! She was thrilled to be getting so much attention. It was a wonderful time for all the kids since they have had to wait almost 7 months to see their new cousin.

Can you tell how happy Grandma O is to be with ALL OF HER GRANDCHILDREN together for the first time!?!?!?!

These are Quinn's oldest two cousins. They were especially sweet and kind with her and she loved them up!

Also, here is a picture of Quinn's second cousin Violet. When she first met Quinn she told us matter-of-factly that Quinn was her cousin and Quinn was her friend. It was so cute. Violet is a ham!

Here she is blowing me kisses and the last picture is me with her brother Aden! They are the cutest kids ever... besides Quinny that is :)


aceindahole said...

Hi guys. I am so proud of you both I can't wait to get the chance to see the baby. Congrats on everything that god has blessed you with this past year.

Remember what I said at your wedding reception party.
When you are ready the offer still stands.


Lady said...

Cousins are WONDERFUL!! I love mine - wink wink! Quinny is really lucky to have so many doting cousins nearby.