Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day Trip to D.C.

This Monday we went to D.C. with Aunt Karen and Uncle Sam. They haven't been there before and it has been quite a while since we have gone. We had a great time. Quinn even had fun.

We even saw some Canadian geese and their babies!
They were super cute. I wanted to take one home.
But Dan said no :(

We went to the Washington Monument, The Vietnam Wall, the World War II Memorial, (which I haven't seen before) The Capital Building, and the Smithsonian. We got to see the Hope Diamond. Can I say SWEET??

We also went to look at the White House. While we have gone there before, (and I actually did the egg roll on the lawn when I was a little girl) it is always fun. Plus, now we have pictures with Quinny!

After walking around all day, we were pooped!
We decided to get some crabcakes and head on home.
We had a wonderful day.
Thanks Aunt Karen and Uncle Sam!


Lady said...

Ok - the pic is yellow looks totally like a little Temple. I guess she is a really good mix and different expressions look like different sides of the family. Glad you had such a fun day out! I bet you were getting a bit of "Cabin Fever".

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little button nose! Who do you think she resembles the most? What do other people think?

O family said...

Everyone says that she looks like Dan. I don't see her in me at all. My Dad says that I looked like her when I was a baby. who knows???