Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

This weekend we were so BUSY! Not only do we have the packing and stress from closing on our first house this week, but we also went to a wedding and then a mini family get together.
The Wedding

My old roommate and bestest girlfriend from Towson just got married. I am so thrilled for her. We have been able to some what keep in touch even though she lives about 2 hours from me now. Anyway, on the wedding was on Sat. around 5pm in West Virginia. All morning Quinn was a doll. Even for the ceremony she was quiet and just looking around at all of the pretty flowers and the water with the floating candles. Then we had to feed her. Now, Quinn loves to eat but she HATES when the bottle is done. She is such a little piggy. So she started to cry while all of the pictures were being taken. 30 minutes later she was still crying but we went inside to get seated anyway. She would not stop. She was so completely upset. I have never seen her cry this hard or for this long of a period. Finally we went back outside and tried to look at those pretty flowers and floating candles. NOTHING WORKED. About one hour later, after trying to get her to calm down, we just left. I appologized to them for leaving and not eating or dancing or even really getting to talk to them too much. It was a rough evening.

Family Get Together

My little cousin Dave was back from Iraq for a few weeks of R&R. We all got together at my Grandma T's house. This was the first time Dave has seen my Quinny! I just love and respect him so much.

We arrived in DE around 4:00pm to Dad and Annette's house so Quinn could have a mini visit. Oh, and I got a speeding ticket on the way! Nice Mother's Day present huh??? Anyway, then we went to the T's house and it was packed. Sally was there and all.

Quinn got to play with her Great Grandma T, her cousin Christy and Aunt Lisa. It is adorable to see Quinn with her G. G-pa T, she looooooves him. Anyway, this picture was from the beginning of the evening.

This picture is from the end of the evening. (about 1.5 hours later!)

It was the first time that Aunt Tracy has held her. I think it is a really cute picture even if the little one is a bit grumpy!

By the end of the weekend, we drove more than 8 hours to be at our destinations for a total of less than 4 hrs!

Moral of the story???

"If baby ain't happy, ain't nooooobody happy!!!!!"


Lady said...

Wow - What a busy weekend!!! But isn't it great to see people you love. I feel that way when we go on vacation to Utah, Dan has so much family there and I have friends from all phases of life. We run run run and see everybody and I get so exhausted but I wouldn't trade it!! I can't believe Mary Jane is a GREAT grandma. I just realized that from your post. And your cousin David looks so grown up and sooo much like his dad with Lisa's eyes! Can't wait to see you and Quinny!

Mom V said...

I love the picture that you used for the moral of the story. I remember those days and it is so very true.

Love ya all!