Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Big Day for Quinny!!

Today is SUCH a big day for Quinny. She had her 7 month check up and now she has graduated to only going to the doctors for "normal" child check-ups. This means that she won't have to go in again until she is 9 months old!!! YAY! No more going in every week or 3 times a month. I am so super excited and proud of Quinn. She is developing well and doing ok catching up. She is eating beans, carrots, bananas, peas, yams, pears and more. It is just so wonderful. We did get a little bit of "homework" to do in the 2 month break. We need to work on her sitting and not leaning. Currently Quinn will lean and "sit up" but she needs to be developing balance. She needs to learn how to roll over. (she is so far away from doing that) She also needs to work on standing. This means while on our lap we will hold her up and she is supposed to straighten out her legs and apply pressure. Currently when you hold her up she stays in a big ball and won't straighten her legs out. So we have our work cut out for us with that too.

Quinn went and had her hearing checked out again and she passed both of her tests! Now instead of getting more lab work and tests done, Quinn now has to only go in for check ups! In the 2 month break from Primary Doctor, Quinn will still need to go to her Otolaryngologist and her ENT.

This is still just such a great day for all of us. Our little girl is growing so strong. For a while, I felt like this day would never come and she would be forced to go to doctor visits forever.

Congrats Quinny!!


Lady said...

Michele - I am so happy for you and Quinn!! I am really glad that she has passed all her test and is catching up just fine. She is so fun to look at - I get a big smile each time I see a new photo. I really hope you can make up while Brielle is here! :)

Anonymous said...

Quinn is growing up to be the cutest little girl! She looks nice and strong and what a sweet personality she has, I love that she smiles soo big.

I can't wait to hold her and kiss her cute little face. I am really looking forward to getting together with you both next week, thank you for taking the time to come visit.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Quinn! We love you so much adn get so excited to hear about how much you are growing and learning. Your parents love you so much! aunt Laura G