Friday, March 5, 2010


The other day Quinn and I had the funniest conversation.
It went something like this:

I was in the shower and Quinn walked in the bathroom wearing a brown fedora hat, 2 pink scarves, her pink sparkle shoes AND her puppy purse with her Strawberry Shortcake doll in it. She was dancin and prancin around the room.

Quinn: Momma- check out my fancy dance!
Me: um... what? (peaks head out) oh yes honey, you are a great dancer. and since you have been going in the potty so well and are in big girl undies, it is almost time for you to get to go to dance school.
Quinn- (stops dancing) no Mom, member? I said I want to go to Rock and Roll school.
Me: Oh yeah, that's right... (resumes shampooing hair) and what do you want to learn at Rock and Roll school?
Quinn: Well, I wanna learn tar {guitar} and sing in miccaphone, or lots of other in-sa-mints, and wear fancy clothes and do fancy dancing. (all with major pitch fluctuation) I just know I will be a Rock Star.
Me: You just know? How do you know babe.
Quinn: I jus feel it inside. Like when I need to go poop.
Me: AHAHAHA (shampoo burning eyes and laughing at daughter after she shared her dreams with me... nice Mom)
Me: Oh Q~ you will be the best rock star ever.
Quinn: thanks Momma, now I needa go practice.
Me: um, ok bye!

Seriously she makes me so happy.


Christy said...

Hahah she is so freaking cute!!! How are you gonna send her to rock school when the time comes? :)

mj said...

She makes me laugh soo much.Where did that comparison come from? I think you have a rock and roller on your hands.

emlizalmo said...

That is the cutest thing EVER! She's got the rock and roll!

Mom V said...

What a litte Diva. She will be a star even if it only for her family. Where can 3 year olds take guitar lessons?

Valerie Robbins said...

Hahahahaha oh my gosh. I seriously started laughing out load. She is awesome.