Monday, March 15, 2010

The Biggest Girl

Quinn has done it. She is officially potty trained. She no longer needs pull ups. She doesn't even wet the bed at night. It took some time and a lot of hard work- but she did it!
Quinn had (and still does) quite a few incentives. If she went #1 she would get 1 coin. If she went #2 she would get 4 coins. She got 1 coin for staying dry over the night too. Her coins quickly started adding up. A week or two ago we "changed in" her coins and she had over $16.00!
That's a lot of #1 and #2!!So she was able to go to the store and pick something out with her hard earned cash. She knew what she wanted, we all knew. She wanted a BOLT!
Luckily for her (and us) the Disney store still had one AND they had a Mittens too!
Quinn was able to get both of them for her reward and even got a few coins back for her next savings gift.
We are SO PROUD.


emlizalmo said...

Way to go QUINN!!! We are so proud of you...all 3 of you. :)

Valerie Robbins said...

woo hoo Quinn! She looks so proud walking around the store! I love the sunglasses!!!

Mom V said...

Way to go Quinn! I am so proud of you. Aren't big girl panties beautiful and fun to wear? Keep up the good work!

mj said...

What a great idea.The money really means something to her.The pictures are darling. I HATED potty training....that and birthday parties were my downfall.

Lisa said...

She looks so darn cute in these pictures. I love the one with the glasses in the car. Way to go Quinn!!