Friday, August 7, 2009

My Two Favorite Men: Part 2

Quinn loves her Uncle Richie. They are buddies and that makes me happy. While my Mom was up here we got to see Uncle Rich more. Since the forth of July we have seen Rich 3 times and 2 of the times were slumber parties. Here are a few pictures of Quinn and Uncle Richie's blooming relationship. They are just now starting to really like each other. I think that Quinn might have intimidated Rich when she was younger; but now they are just perfect.
We went to a drugstore and Quinn wouldn't let go of Richie's hand. He let her pick out her own special treat too.

Here she is showing off her special treat from Rich. Tinkerbell ringpops. Can anything be cooler???

Isn't he the best Uncle?? He even plays doll house with Quinn

and enjoys it too

Here are the "silly faces"

Rich is way more into it than Quinn

I hope that they will be buddies forever.


emlizalmo said...

They WILL be buddies forever! I bet he is the best uncle. Wes ure love him as a cousin around here. :) He's coming to visit us in a few hours! Doing more work in Utah!

mj said...

What wonderful memories. These pictures are great. Do you think great grandpa will ever be on a hand hold basis?