Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun Things about Quinn

Last night Quinn had her apron on as a cape. She ran around yelling "hokey-ss, pokey-ss" or "abra-dabra" and then thought she was invisible.

She uses her play cell phone to call "her Dan".
She also thinks that the video camera that was used to tape her sleeping is her brother. Yes, she thinks that the tripod is the body and the camera itself is the head. She also calls that Dan.

Quinn finally started naming her stuffed animals. (before now, everything is was just named the type of animal that is was)
She has a cat named Tiggerow
A dog named Pepper
A pig named Olivia

Quinn loves to sit on one foot pedal of our elliptical and push down on the other. She rides up and down and then tells me that she is "doin her exercisin".

Quinn LOVES reading. She would have me read to her every minute of the day. She also is just now starting to pretend to read back to us. She will also make up stories sometimes now too. It is SO Stinkin CUTE! I love her stories.

Quinn loves to dance. She plays her "radio" which is actually a Baby Einstein toy that makes classical music. She will then twirl around and do her "ballet" for the 5 whole seconds while it plays. Then she stops and tells me that she needs to play her radio again and the whole process goes on and on and on.

Quinn won't let Dan cuddle with her anymore. She will only let me rock her when she is pretending to be a baby bird and I am Mommy bird. Apparently baby birds like to have Mommy Birds sing to them and rock them back and forth. I LOVE BEING A MOMMY BIRD.

For Quinn's 3rd Birthday (October 6th!!! :) we are enrolling her in a dance class. I have been looking high and low for the perfect school. (Most of the ones that I like have the requirement of potty training.) When I was telling my Mom about how I wanted her to get Quinn leotards for her birthday, Quinn overheard and started screaming. She was yelling "thank you, thank you Mommy". I wondered why she never reacted like that before when she heard us talking about it or when we asked her if she wanted dance "lessons". Well, Quinn doesn't know the word "lesson". She does know the word dance "class" and that is what I used when I was telling my Mom our plans for Quinn. SO FUNNY.

Quinn's favorite book right now is P.J. FunnyBunny. We have checked it out from the library about 45 times. In the book, P.J. doesn't want to be a bunny so he tries to live with a bunch of different animals. When we get to the new animal, Quinn always "reads" that part. When we get to the beaver she ALWAYS says "chipmunk"??? and then starts to laugh. I say "no Quinn... you know what it is, what is it?" Then she says" is eh a chipmunk??" and giggles again. Finally I look over at her and she says, "oh, ok. issa beaber". I love how she thinks that is it so funny to call a beaver a chipmunk and how she says beaber!

Her favorite activity to do around the house is run. She likes to run around the downstairs in a big lap. She always says "come get me" and we have to chase her around and once we catch her, give her lots of tickles!

Almost every single night Quinn and Dan build a castle together out of blocks. It is their thing. They build it together on the floor and then decorate it with princesses.

The other evening I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Quinn was being way too quiet in the other room, but I didn't want to burn the fried rice so I yelled out to her to see what she was doing. A second later Quinn ran in the kitchen so excited. She told me that she had a present for me in the den. (GREAT) So I followed her into the den and she showed me the "pretty decorations" that she made for me. Yeah, she colored two fist-sized blue circlish shapes on the wall. She was smiling ear to ear and was so pleased with herself. I couldn't be too upset. I told her that while I LOVE her decorations, they need to be on paper so that we can hang them on the wall or the fridge. So that meant no more coloring on the wall. Just then Dan called. I have a special ringtone for Dan and Quinn knows it. When we heard his ringtone, she got excited and I got stressed. I was thinking about what he was going to say. She must have been able to read my face because she told me "Daddy won't panic". I started laughing so hard and she was right, Daddy didn't panic.


mj said...

Oh,how I wish I had done this for our kids !!! Talking about everyday things that we think we will never forget....but,we do. Quinn is such a darling little girl,and now you will be able to remember these moments in time. Love the music on here.m

emlizalmo said...

I love that you do this. Every single detail is important. I think I may work on something similar for my kids over the next few weeks. Thanks for inspiring me! :)

Christy said...

She is so, so funny!!! This is such a fun age in her life, I love hearing about it!