Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Two Favorite Men: Part 1

A few weekends ago the weather was horrible. Dan decided that we should camp out for a while in our den. Quinn thought that it was SO COOL to have the sleeping bags and tent inside!

Dan always knows how to make life a little bit more fun.
He is such a great Daddy and it makes our little girl so happy.

Dan is so kind to Quinn. They have a routine every night. While I am washing the dishes, they build a castle out of blocks and then decorate it with princesses. This night Quinn also decided to decorate Daddy. She was putting "make-up" on him. It was SO CUTE!


emlizalmo said...

He really is a great dad. He is so gentle. I love seeing pictures of him and Quinny together (HE and Quinny?). She puts him in some very compromising situations (ie. make-up, jewelry, etc.)and he just doesn't care. :) He loves her.

Christy said...

Oh man, this is SO cute. I just want to be able to hold that sweet little girl. I'm so glad Dan is so wonderful to you and Quinn :)

mj said...

What a great Dad and what cute pictures. I'll bet he never thought he would be wearing jewelry and make up. So sweet !!!!

mj said...

PS also love the yellow hat.

Lisa said...

Quinn is such a lucky little girl to have the parents that she has. You and Dan are a marvelous team. Love you three.