Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quinn is PERFECT!

ok so I already knew this... but after a horribly long day at Hopkins, her doctors know it too! Yes, Quinn's DMSA showed that her kidneys are pretty much as perfect as they can be. One is slightly bigger than the other but that isn't a big deal and is pretty normal. Also, they were able to tell that her kidneys divvy up the work pretty evenly (it is ideal to be 50/50). Quinn is 49/51!! How great is that! So this was her baseline. We know where we stand (perfect!) and now we will know next year when she has to get this done again if there is any damage; it is new and something needs to be done. So after a long day with a lot of melt downs (me and Quinn) we are happy and relaxing.
Our prayers were answered.

as to the melt downs:
Quinn's was from not being able to eat anything until 4:45pm (a Popsicle) and from having the iv in her. She is not a fan :)

Mine was from being told that we were going to be able to be with Quinn during her procedure. We were prepped on how Quinn will look, the drugs that they were giving her to put her under, the type of gas used, the thing that they would put in her throat that would hold her airway open (past her tonsils but thankfully not a full intubation). Dan and I went back with Quinn, I promised her that at least one of us would stay there the whole time and I held her hand as they pushed the drugs. Then the new Resident (peds. anesthesiologist) told us that we had to leave. I was livid. We didn't get to stay with Quinn. We did however get to hold her in the recovery room.


laurag said...

YIPEEEE for Quinn!!!!! What a blessing and relief that things are alright. Your prayers were answered. That test is something I hope to never have to go thru with Elsie. So what's the next step for Quinn?

Lisa said...

I am sooooo happy to read that all is well. What a wonderful blessing. !! Sorry you couldn't be with your sweet girl, but so so glad she is fine. Love you all a lot.

Christy said...

I'm SOOOOOO glad she is doing so well! Mmm, that was great news=)

mj said...

Thank heavens her test is over for a year and that her report was good.I love the things Quinn says about "unusual couples" and her"people"

emlizalmo said...

WHEW. <3

Lady said...

I soo glad everything worked out so well and so disappointed that you didn't get to stay with her.