Friday, February 6, 2009


So we weren't able to start the study yesterday. I'll post about it once I know how today goes. After wallowing for a little bit last night, I decided that I would think about everything wonderful about Quinn. She makes me laugh... all of the time. She is so funny and grown up sometimes. I am amazed how well she gets around and runs/dances/ jumps. She was in physical therapy after all. I am shocked with how well she speaks. Her vocabulary is amazing. Everyday she is using new words and making up songs. I decided that this post will be some of my favorite quotes of hers.

When Quinn is shocked about something she says *Oh my goohness* as she holds her face like in Home Alone.

I always tell Quinn that I love her so, so much. After she takes her nap in the afternoon, she whispers to her favorite animals *so so muh*

When I ask Quinn to find her shoes, hat, or pretty much anything, she doesn't even try to look. Instead she turns to me with a serious face and says in a dramatic tone * I canh fine eh anwherr*

Her favorite phrases to say are * I'm happy* or *gooh job, high figh*

Everything is *cute*... the trees, a blanket, a stuffed animal, everything

Quinn likes to say (out of no where) *I'm gooh, howa you?*

When we say bye to Quinn, she now always responds *bye bye, gooh luck!* We have no idea where she got this one from!


laurag said...

We love you Quinn. You not only are the cutest thing in the world but look how amazing your personality is. Why couldn't you start the study?? LAME! miss you guys.

emlizalmo said...

I love their little vocabularies and voices so much! I really don't think there is much in this world cuter than a conversation with a tiny little 2 year old...or listening as she has one with her stuffed animals! :) Love you Quinny!

Lady said...

So glad you wrote this down so you will ALWAYS remember it. Amy is so good about that and I am trying to be better. These are the things we will cherish in the years to come.