Monday, February 2, 2009

New Favorites

1. Quinn loves her new sunglasses from Grandma VS (Annette) and from DeeDee (my Mom). She wears one pair all of the time and makes we wear the others. 2. Quinn loves ketchup. I have never let Quinn have ketchup before until last night. I always felt like it had unnecessary amounts of sugar in it. Yes, this is coming from the condiment Queen! For some reason, I have different rules for Quinn than I do for myself. 3. Quinn still loves her crowns and dress-up clothes. Now she is sharing them with EVERYONE! Even Daddy and her toys. She also LOVES to wear her hat inside. She runs around inside making snow angels whenever she has it on. 4. Quinn still loves dancing. She is getting closer to having rhythm now :)


mj said...

Quinn and Elsie should get together with their dress-up outfits.I LOVE the videos you put on. It makes me feel like I am righrt there watching.Do you get to wear your lovely sunglassas when you go out? How is Quinn's infection?

Rich and Annette said...

Thank you for sharing the photo of Quinn with her glasses! Love it! She is such a happy girl! We had a wonderful time during our January visit.

emlizalmo said...

Oh are so CUTE! Michele, did you ever imagine the immense joy this little girl would bring you?