Thursday, July 5, 2007

June 30

We have had so much going on recently. Dan has been super busy with work and I have been busy getting my new schedule together for Univ. of Baltimore. I will be going full time and taking 5 classes. (4 online and 1 at the school)
We have still been making more improvements on the house and well, I think it is starting to turn around. On June 30th Dad, Rich and Annette all came up here to visit and help out. Well, Rich didn't know it was to work on the house and I think he was a little bummed! hehe
Anyway, while they were here my Dad took out about a billion dead azalea bushes that were out of control in our front yard. He also took out a boxwood and helped us clean out a lot of vines and other misc. overgrown vegetation in our front yard. Annette and Rich helped us with the removal too. It was great to get everything out all at once. If it was up to just Dan and me, I don't think we could have done it all in one day.

Before with all of the crazy wild bushes

After with everything cleared out

One of our neighbors actually asked Dad, Dan and Rich if they were professional landscapers. hehe, it was quite a nice compliment. Dad might as well be one. He is really good and quick too!

We bought mulch and some new little bushes with a giftcard from Dad and Annette.
Now we just need to paint our front door black and put shutters on the other window and I think I will really like the front of our house.

I didn't post a picture with our new bushes b/c they look really

small right now behind our huge hostas.

Once all the hard work was done, we all had lunch and played with Quinny.

She loves her Uncle Richie!


Lady said...

So glad you had some extra hands that weekend. What a difference some extra hands can make. So way to go Uncle Rich! (even if you did put pictures of my husband and children on the toilet at the cabin). And Uncle Richie looks very comfortable in his new role.

Anonymous said...

Quinn is so cute... Richie is too! :o) However, he looks kind of awkward holding her... but practice makes perfect, so hopeully Quinn will see lots of her Uncle Richie. Tell Richie I say hello... and Lady, what's the story with the toilet pics ... are they pics of your husband and kids sitting on the toilet or were the pics placed on the toilet??? Please clarify.

Lady said...

These were pictures of Dan and the boys fishing - apparently Jim Dad had put them all in front of Uncle Rich's "big catch" photo. So when we arrived at the cabin the next time - we found a note and all the pictures sitting on the toilet- the note said this was a great place for these pictures. Dad and Uncle Rich and their "GAMES"!! Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification... I was concerned that there were pics of your family having private time on the toilet floating around... that would be unfortunate and really embarassing... i miss the cabin and everyone fishing. Michele, you and Dan and Quinn must come and take Quinn exploring. Does your Dan fish?

O family said...

he isn't the biggest fisher. He loves hiking and mountain biking though.