Thursday, July 12, 2007

9 Month Visit!

Quinn had her 9 month Dr check up yesterday. Wow, she is growing up so quickly. She weighed in at 17lbs 11oz and she is now 27 inches long! Dr. M was please with how active she is getting so no physical therapy yet! yah-hoo!!!! Quinn is rolling from front to back AND back to front. She is sort of "swimming" on her tummy now and reaching for stuff all the time. However, she still won't apply any pressure to her legs at all. none. She is just unwilling. So we have to get an ultrasound of her hips and make sure that they are ok. Dr M thinks that she just prefers to be balled up and since all of her fat lines (rolls) are symmetrical, she thinks that her hips are ok BUT it is better to just get them checked out now.

Check out my little reader!!

Her HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE-for-AGE Percentile is 75. It started below the -5% so... she surely is catching up!

Her LENGTH-for-AGE Percentile is 25. Once again, this started below the -5%

Quinn's WEIGHT-for-LENGTH Percentile is 50. This one she started out in the 10% and has slowly grown a little faster than the curve.

And Lastly, Quinn's WEIGHT-for-AGE Percentile is 25. This one she started out at -15% and on the chart, it almost looks like a line straight up. (not too much of a curve) After all, she did have some catching up to do.

While I realize all of her percentiles are low... I am just completely pleased that she is

1. on the chart

2. growing in a nice little manner
She really is starting to look proportioned and not so "baby" like.

YAY! Playtime!!!

During the visit with Dr M, she checked Quinny's gums and still... nothing. (even though she has been drooling like a St. Bernard) We had to go down to the lab to get some blood tests for her and she started crying. NONSTOP! This is pretty unlike Quinn but we thought that maybe she was just tired. So 5 minutes later we are in the lab and she is still going nuts. I gave her some juice and she wouldn't even take that. As soon as we looked in her mouth, there it was. HER FIRST TOOTH!! She JUST got a tooth in the 5 minutes that it took for us to go down to the lab. Crazy! We ran in to Dr M and told her and she was just so happy. She said that it has never happened to her before that a baby actually GETS a tooth while at her office.

Ok, so I know you can't see it... but this is as good as it gets right now. She is rubbing her tongue all over it so getting a picture is kind of tough.

We love our little Quinny!!


Mom V said...

I love this little family! I am soooo excited about the progress Quinn is making. It is so difficult for me to even remember how tiny she was when I first saw and touched this sweet thing. 1st tooth is another milestone for Quinn. How fun is it to watch her transform right before your eyes! I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Quinny!!!! I am so excited to see her, hopefully sooner than later. I can't believe she popped a tooth at the doctor's. She's a cutie , she's got a good mommy and daddy who take such good care of her, happy to hear she's on the charts and growing so well. Michele, don't you just love watching them grow??

O family said...

I love it but last night I actually got a little sappy and sad. I mean, I will never have her gummy and toothless ever again. While I realize that I should celebrate every little milestone that my little miracle passes, it is sort of bittersweet. I just need to take it all in one step at a time. She is just amazing to me

Lady said...

Her smile and her chubby cheeks just melts my heart! Also, I can't believe you let your husband cut your hair, but he did a really nice job! You look really good!!

Anonymous said...

I do like the haircut, I'm impressed. I am the same way Michele, I see newborns when I am out and I just want to hold them and have them curl up on a ball on my chest and sleep. I think, where is my newborn??? I can't believe how fast they grow and I already miss her newborn stage. I think Quinn is beautiful, she's such a happy baby.

Oh, the Bumbo, it's good because they can't fall out or tip over in the chair and you can get dishes and stuff done while they just sit and chill.

The crazy part of this parenting thing is the fact that just yesterday we were playing Little Mermaid in my pool in Dover, singing children's hymns and torturing Richie..... are we actually parents ourselves? Scary. I guess we've come a long way :o)